The Best Coffee Shops in the Santa Clarita valley

best coffee shops

Coffee in Santa Clarita Valley is more than a beverage, it’s a way of life for some residents and high-quality coffee is found here in abundance. No matter what you do or where you are going, you can find a coffee shop in Santa Clarita Valley and enjoy the beverage. There are so many coffee shops around Santa Clarita Valley that choosing which one to visit can be confusing. Below we list some of the best coffee shops in the area.

  • Honu Coffee

This doubles as a juice bar and coffee shop. It’s one of the best coffee shops in Santa Clarita Valley. Their goodies and pastries make the coffee taste even better. Hikers love the place and know it as their favorite Juice Bar in the area. They have fresh beans for every cup of coffee they make and also provide specially designed cupcakes, cakes, cookies and a lot of crispy treats. The coffee shop is conveniently located in the shopping center with an amazing interior that lifts your spirit as you sip on your coffee.

  • Coffee Kiosk

This is not your normal coffee shop, but it produces amazing coffee all the time. They have different flavored types of coffee and tea. This is the go-to coffee shop for those hot summer days when you w

ant to cool off and relax with iced teas and coffees. The shop looks like a tiny box hence the name kiosk, but their reputation precedes them.

  • Undergrounds Coffeehouse

For the lovers of coffee who like to sip their beverage in a friendly, quiet and comfortable environment, Undergrounds is the coffee shop to head for. It has plenty of seating with adequate space between the tables, available parking and super clean restrooms. They serve Verve roasted coffee, loose leaf teas, kombucha on tap, some baked goods and much more.

  • Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

Are you running low on cash and you need a quick caffeine fix? Bodhi Leaf is the place to be. They have great coffee served by nice and friendly employees. They have their own blend of coffee which tastes so good. They have different blends of coffee for all kinds of coffee lovers. Their décor, location, staff, and owner are all unique in their own way. Stop for a sip of their coffee and you most likely will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Trophy Coffee

People who stop here to have coffee are generally impressed. They have iced lattes coupled with amazing interior design and an incredible team of baristas. Their creativity in producing coffee blends is extraordinary and their menu items are diverse and wonderful. It’s a small and distinct coffee shop well known for their amazing coffee, creative menu items, and friendly service.

Residents and visitors have lots of different options for coffee in Santa Clarita Valley. Plenty of great coffee, tea, and snacks presented in great surroundings by friendly people. Figuring out which one is your favorite may be a journey you want to savor as there are hundreds of blends of amazing coffee competing for your attention.


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