Nice Hiking Trails Near Santa Clarita Valley

santa clarita hiking trails


Santa Clarita Valley is the place to be if you enjoy hiking and camping. Santa Clarita is home to many amazing animals, plants, and wonderful scenery. You don’t need to be stuck inside the house all weekend wondering what to do. Here, you can go camping, hiking, or take short nature walks and enjoy the ambiance. Here are some of the nicer hiking trails near Santa Clarita that you may enjoy:

Placerita Canyon

This is a nature center open from morning to evening. It’s open to the public from Tuesdays to Sundays and it’s home to amazing animals and interesting plants. It has short and long hiking trails and is suitable for the whole family. It has a Nature Center museum with a collection of live animals. The oak landmark of where the initial gold discovery took place and Walker Cabin is also available for public viewing. Picnic areas are also available if you want to relax and enjoy some family time.

Community Hiking Club

Here, all ages are welcome to enjoy hiking and possibly learn something new. The CHC plans and organizes various community hikes helping the community learn about some of the nature spots around the area. The hikes are pretty fair to moderate and all ages can have a good time here. Depending on your preference, you can take the 2 or 6 miles trails or do the full round trip which is 8 miles.

Whitney Canyon Park

This is one of the parks with an amazing view of the Santa Clarita valley. It also has some nice scenic nature spots and it’s easy enough for kids to handle. Prepare for both sun and shade as the trails here have a lot of uphill slopes as well as downhill slopes into the valley. The park offers a couple of rewards; one is the great workout and the other is the fantastic views. The park overlooks the Santa Clarita Valley to the north and the San Fernando Valley to the south and the views are spectacular.

Haskell Canyon Trail

It’s a great hiking spot in Santa Clarita and it gives you the full view of the amazing Santa Clarita valley and the scenic nature surrounding the trail. There are different paths to take on the trail ranging from easy, medium and strenuous. The challenge here is; you have to get to the top to get the best views of Santa Clarita Valley. It’s a straightforward hiking trail with more than 4 ways to go which makes it more interesting. Some people enjoying getting a workout on the decent-sized staircase a few hundred yards from the entrance. Stay alert when going down as there are bikers who also come to experience the amazing trails and they can sometimes go downhill at high speeds.

Santa Clarita is one of the areas in California where you can have some wonderful outdoor fun. There is an abundance of hiking trails, camping sites, picnic sites and more that are suitable for people of all ages.


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