How to Move With Pets


Moving with Pets? Try these Top Tips to Ease the Stress.

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you have pets. As a part of your family, your pet is accustomed to being with you in your home. If moving is stressful to you, imagine how overwhelming the task can seem to pets. They have no say in the process, but they can see the chaos in the piles of boxes and their busy humans. Despite their efforts to demonstrate their companionship, pets can even seem and feel like an obstacle during this busy time. How can you make your move with pets less stressful and smooth the transition?

Prepare a kit for them

Before you move, prepare a care kit for them with enough food, toys, kitty litter and grooming tools. These items will sustain your pet as you prepare to move, as well as during the first few days after moving. The kit should contain all the pet’s essentials, especially any medication, to allow for easy access. Everyone in the house should know where the kit is at during the move, so anyone can easily take care of the pets.

Contact the vet

If you are moving to another neighborhood, your current vet might have local recommendations for the area you are moving to. Make sure to also take your pet’s prescriptions and vet records with you. You can also ask your vet for additional advice on how to take care of your pet’s specific needs during and after the move. Keep in mind that different pet breeds have different needs.

Make sure pets stay away from all the action

Moving is chaotic. Reduce stress on the animals by keeping them in a quiet area. Leaving them with a friend or at a kennel is recommended. If not, empty a bedroom and close the door or put them in a carrier. The car or garage can also serve as a quiet and peaceful temporary shelter for your pets. Make sure to check on them regularly and establish a sense of routing in the midst of the changes.

Drive the pets to your new home

The pets should arrive at the new house inside your car. Put the cats and small dogs in the back seat in their carriers and secure them with a seatbelt. Move bigger dogs to the back of the car in a kennel and put the seats down. Make sure not to let your pets out until you get to the new house. The pet is in a new environment and can easily get lost.

If you are planning a long-distance move , leave your pets in a kennel or ask a trusted friend for family member to take care of them for a day or two or until you can return to bring them with you. For your pet, adjusting to a new home takes time and training. Try to transport the pets yourself and keep them indoors in your new home for as long as possible to help ensure they are well adjusted.


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