Home Improvements Tips to Increase Value


Are you a homeowner and planning to sell your home soon? In order for your home to fetch the full market value, it must be in perfect shape. Making various improvements can increase your home value and help your home stand out among other similar listed homes. As a home seller, it’s important to note that there are certain home improvements and remodeling concepts that attract the attention of buyers more than others. In this post, we are going to outline some of the key home improvement tips that increase home value.

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  1. Energy-efficient insulation and fixtures

Energy efficiency is a very important factor that can play an important role in increasing your home value. Today’s home buyers are very keen on energy-efficient insulation and fixtures. During the home inspection, a home inspection report can indicate whether your home has solid energy-efficient insulation.

If you want to ensure your home is in great shape, start by making small improvements that will help lower overall energy consumption. Check the condition of your windows and doors and see if there are any cracks. Light switches and electrical sockets should be checked and repaired to minimize energy losses. You can also consider adding an extra layer of insulation in the attic area and replace old windows with modern energy-star rated windows.

Your lighting fixtures and appliances should be eco-friendly and energy-efficient models to reduce energy costs.

  1. Remodeling the kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen is one of the surest strategies for increasing your home value. Prospective homebuyers always pay special attention to kitchen appliances and the layout. Make a smart move on a kitchen remodel by ensuring it looks modern and updated.

Start by replacing the kitchen faucet, adding new cabinet hardware, countertops and change old lighting fixtures, replacing them with more modern ones. If you are on a low budget, you don’t have to completely replace the cabinets. You can opt to paint them a new color or hire contractors who can refinish the cabinet boxes, install new doors, drawers, and even hardware. Kitchen remodeling and improvements will make your house appear modern, boosting its listing value.

  1. Revamping the bathrooms

Just like the kitchen, the bathrooms are another key area that prospective home buyers pay special attention to. Any modern upgrades done in the bathrooms will go a long way in increasing your home value.

You can renovate your house bathrooms by installing new fixtures, re-grouting the bathtub, adding new mirrors, changing the shower curtains, and adding modern lighting fixtures. Bathroom remodels can transform your home, making it more welcoming to prospective buyers.

  1. Improving your basement

Adding extra space to your home can be costly, but you can make good use of the existing space you may have to make your home more appealing. You can consider renovating the attic or basement and create another bedroom, family room, or workout area.

If you can manage to personalize an extra room by adding themed finishes, the better. Homebuyers are always attracted to spacious homes and they are likely to pay more for a home that has a renovated attic or basement.

  1. Boosting your curb appeal

If your home has a garden, improving your curb appeal should be your utmost priority. Curb appeal is what creates the first impressions when homebuyers tour your home. If you are able to grab the attention of buyers from the outside, they will feel motivated to enter the house to see what the interiors hold.

You can improve your curb appeal by simple maintenance practices such as mowing the grass, cleaning the walkways and driveways, replacing old outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures, cleaning the roof and gutters, revamping the main entrance, and painting the exterior walls.

Improving your curb appeal can be accomplished with a minimal budget and you don’t have to break your bank to create lasting impressions for potential home buyers.

  1. Adding a deck

Although the cost of adding a deck varies widely depending on the type of home, adding a deck on to your house is another simple, inexpensive yet effective strategy of increasing your home value. Outdoor living spaces are becoming a necessity since more people prefer relaxing there. Therefore, if your house has a beautiful deck and an appealing curb view, you will likely get more offers from prospective homebuyers who may be willing to pay a premium price to become the new homeowners.


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