Landscaping Tips and Techniques

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Making some major changes to your home’s landscaping can be a daunting task. It doesn’t matter if your yard needs a complete refresh or just some new plants, it’s good to be meticulous in every step. For people who have never tackled landscaping before, there are so many choices to make that the task can seem overwhelming. However, you can make things easier by thinking of it as a room inside your house. Whatever you might think of doing inside a room, applying the same thinking when solving a similar issue outside makes it easier. Here are a few landscaping tips and techniques:

Use a tarp

When landscaping, you want to keep debris and dirt off your grass as much as possible. The tarp is used to carry lightweight debris like weeds, brush, and leaves. When digging holes, the tarp is used to hold soil, keeping your grass as clean as possible. The tarp can also be used to cover plants on the back of the truck when driving from the nursery. The plants have less of a chance of being destroyed if they are covered.

Use weed fabric

When landscaping, landscape weed fabric is very important. No one wants to create some amazing landscaping designs only to have to deal with weeds popping up later on. Use weed fabric under gravel and mulch walkaways to keep the material from sinking in the soil and to prevent weeds. In planted areas, skip the weed fabric barrier.

Create a natural Edge

Making a natural edge around your beds is better instead of installing metal or plastic edging. Natural edging gives a unique look to your landscape design. A natural edge is easier to maintain in the long term and it also provides for more flexibility in case you want to make changes in the landscape.

Use a walkaway to connect points of interest

Instead of a trampled down lawn that results in a makeshift path of dead grass between the patio and garden, create a beautiful and appealing walkaway using decorative brick, small rocks or concrete stepping stones. This helps connect the important elements in the landscaping, pulling them together in an attractive way.

Add a seating area

If you have a somewhat monotonous lawn, adding a seating area breaks the monotony. Install a patio near the edge of the lawn away from the house to provide an outdoor escape. Use concrete, stones or pavers. Add some privacy by building the seating area near trees or tall flowers. Keep it at least 6 feet from your property line to maximize the usable space.

Combine different plants or flowers

Choose a diverse range of plants with different blooming times so there are ornamental leaves and flowers all year long. If all the flowers bloom at the same time, they look attractive during that time and then look bland or lack color for the rest of the season. Integrating different flowers in your landscaping design helps your lawn to look attractive all year long.

Landscaping can be a DIY project or you can choose to hire a landscaping company. Impeccable and attractive landscaping increases the value of your property and makes your home a more enjoyable place to be.


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