How To You Sell Your Home Safely During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Selling a home can be a complicated and challenging endeavor that is best done with the help of a realtor. That is during normal times. What about during a pandemic? During this challenging time, safety measures are added to the mix.

Despite the COVID-19 crisis real estate transactions are still going on. Real estate has been classified as an essential service, but local laws affect the activities allowed and some places ban some activities such as open houses. Before you put your house on the market, be sure to ask your local realtor what is allowed in your area and what is prohibited.

Sellers and real estate agents are striving to make home buying and selling as safe as possible by taking some of the following steps:

Virtual showings

Photos and amazing videos of the property are essential to selling a home. They have been a must for a long time, but now, they are more important than ever. Many people are staying indoors and most of them are doing house hunting online. Sellers are now taking their listings to a new level by offering virtual tours of the home. This provides an in depth view of the property driving interest among buyers.

With virtual showings, the buyer doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their home or stick to a strict schedule in order to view the property. They are welcome to view the listing over and over at their convenience without anyone telling them to leave.

Take extra safety precautions for in person showings

Open houses with a large number of people are not as much of an option these days, but most buyers still want to view the home in person prior to making an offer. With sellers getting worried about strangers in their homes, realtors are taking precautions to protect the homeowners.

Aspiring buyers are let in on a case by case basis and only those with loan pre-approval letters are let in. The potential buyer should also have taken the virtual home before getting in the home.

Realtors are also coming up with showing kits for their listings. A typical kit contains sanitizers, glove, and booties. Also, soap is available with signs that encourage handwashing. When the showing is over, the seller is encouraged to clean and disinfect every area the buyer might have touched to lower exposure.

Inspections and appraisals might not require in-person contact

With social distancing orders in place, appraisals and home inspections are now done with minimal contact. Inspectors are following CDC guidelines of wearing masks, boots, and gloves. When the inspector leaves, the seller can wipe down all points of contact with disinfectant wipes. Appraisals may also be done by driving by the home and viewing photos of the listing and the appraiser may not have to step in the home.

The COVID-19 crisis is here, but hopefully not to stay. With real estate transactions listed as an essential service, it’s now up to realtors, home buyers, and sellers to take precautions and stay safe when handling their real estate transactions. With a little common sense and patience, we can get through this together.


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