How to Rehab a House on a Budget

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home

Whether it’s your home that you want to renovate and sell or you are a real estate investor on a fixer-upper project, getting a house ready for the market is an inevitable process. For a house to grab buyer’s attention and sell fast at full market value, it must be renovated in a professional manner. But is it possible to rehab a house while on a tight budget? The good news is, you can still afford to make quality renovations in a house without breaking the bank.

In this post, we are going to share with you some inexpensive tips that you can implement in your house to get a quality renovation that will impress prospective homebuyers.

  1. Upgrade the kitchen

    The condition of kitchen fittings that can make or break a sale deal. Homebuyers will always be attracted to a house that has a modern and well-maintained kitchen. If your budget can’t allow you to replace the entire kitchen cabinets, you can still make them look attractive. Check if they are dated and if so, you can resurface them. If they are not, paint them nicely using high-quality paint. Add granite countertops, quality sink faucets, and standard hardware pull.

  2. Light-up both interiors and exteriors

    Darker rooms don’t send a positive signal to homebuyers and it’s very important to ensure there is enough lighting. If the house has outdated lighting fixtures or faulty ones, consider replacing them with standard yet stylish fixtures to illuminate both your house interiors and exteriors. Clean your windows and open them to let in natural light. Brighter homes appear spacious and inviting.

  3. Bathroom

    The bathroom section is another key spot that prospective homebuyers pay special attention to. Start by fixing simple but very crucial fixtures that are not up to date. The most common areas to pay attention to include; bathtubs, sink, countertops, showerheads, and taps. You can consider resurfacing tubs, painting cabinets, and replacing the current shower curtains so that they can match with the intended color scheme.

  4. Flooring

    You can’t compromise on the flooring if you want your house to sell fast. If your house has a hardwood floor, you can consider giving them a new touch if your house is just a standard home. You can apply tiles and add new carpet. For high-end properties, you can consider refurbishing the hardwood floor as the new look will go a long way in helping your increase the value of your home. Ensure proper flooring is done in all areas including the kitchen and bathroom by using the right floor materials that are of good quality.

  5. Curb appeal

    Your home exteriors are as important as your home interiors. If you have a lawn, ensure that you have improved your curb appeal in such a way that it motivates homebuyers to see your home interiors. Creating an eye-catching curb appeal can be done by either mowing your lawn properly, raking, trimming flowers and shrubs, cleaning the walkways and driveways, or repairing any broken or faulty outdoor fixtures and furniture. When the exteriors are in excellent condition, buyers can’t resist witnessing what your home interiors have to offer.

  6. Paint walls and ceilings

    Painting is another easy and inexpensive way to rehab your house and make look more inviting. Start by painting all the walls with neutral colors and ceilings in white. If it’s a personal house that you want to continue living in, why not add your favorite wallpapers. Also, add some mirrors to make the rooms look spacious and hospitable.

If you can follow the above tips, it’s possible to rehab a house on a budget and make buyers pay premium rates. It can be done within your budget without costing you “an arm and a leg”!


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