Home Staging Tips (Getting Your Home Ready for Sale)

home staging

Home staging refers to preparing and decorating your home in such a way that it is beautiful and appealing to potential buyers.  If you want your house to sell quickly and at a good price, then it’s important to get your house ready for the sale. Prospective buyers usually form an opinion of the house within 7-10 seconds of entering it. First opinions are hard to change. This is why staging is important if you want to sell your home quickly. Houses sell faster and at a higher price when home is properly staged.

Here are some home staging tips:

Get rid of all clutter

This is the rule number one of home staging. Remove all clutter in the home and store it away from sight (if you don’t want to get rid of it completely). Remember the potential homebuyers tour every room in the house and storing it in the garage may not help. All the surfaces and floors should be clutter free and the cupboards should be well organized.

Also make sure every inch in the house is squeaky clean. All the surfaces, floors, carpets and furniture should be thoroughly cleaned.

Live plants

The presence of well taken care of live plants makes the house feel homey and alive. Have these plants in every room even the bathroom. Live plants make the house seem well cared for as plants require care and attention.

Smart furniture placement

Furniture placement can make a room seem bigger or smaller. If you have furniture pieces that look too bunched up, try to separate them so things don’t look cluttered. The living room sets the tone regarding the general space of the house. All the furniture should be placed in a way so that there’s nothing blocking foot traffic. If the potential buyer can freely walk in the room, and the tallest furniture is in the far left corner of the room, the room appears to be larger.


Try to depersonalize and remove any art, pictures or sculptures that are connected to you. When entering a home, buyers wants to imagine themselves in the house and not your family. If there is art on the wall, remove it no matter how valuable it is. Your taste may not be the same as the buyer’s.


See your home from the eyes of your potential buyers. Take a tour of the staged house and pause where people are likely to stop. If the view isn’t appealing, change it if possible.

Inspect all the floors

All carpets should be squeaky clean, all creaky floorboards or damaged areas of the floors should be replaced or repaired.


This gives an illusion the house has been recently updated and makes the house look more valuable. Avoid bright colours on the walls or wacky wallpaper.  Go for a warm and sophisticated neutral color for the walls. The new paint makes the house look well put together.


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