Energy Conservation Tips For Your Home

energy conservation

Saving energy is something that a lot of people are concerned about. Most people want to be energy efficient, but they don’t want to go back to living in the Stone Age with no appliances running.

Energy bills sometimes rise during the winter because people need to keep the house warm.  They can also go up during the summer when people are trying to keep cool. The most energy efficient season is sometimes during the spring as the temperatures are more moderate. When the cold season or the hot season starts, people are looking for ways to save energy which will hopefully save them some money. Being energy efficient isn’t difficult. There are simple things people can do around the house to save energy:

  • Service the air conditioner

Make sure your air conditioner is checked and maintained on a regular basis. Routinely cleaning and replacing air filters lowers your energy consumption by up to 15%. The best time to service, clean or replace your filters is during the spring. The first day of spring should remind you to check the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. This should be regularly cleaned to make sure the air conditioner is working at optimum levels. An inefficient/clogged air conditioner consumes more energy, therefore, hiking up your utility bills.

  • Open windows

During the hot season, opening the windows can create a cross breeze that allows you to cool the house naturally without having to switch on air conditioners. This is a good tactic during the spring and sometimes during the summer when the temperature is high and you need to cool down.

  • Use fans

Fans consume less electricity as compared to the air conditioner system. Cooling your home with fans and especially ceiling fans lowers the temperature efficiently, and it also allows you to raise the thermostat up or turn it off. With this tip, you will reduce the electricity bills without having to sacrifice your comfort.

  • Heat your home with cooking

Using cooking appliances consumes a lot of electricity and its used just for cooking. The appliances produce a lot of heat, and it ends up getting lost. However, you can use the heat generated by the appliances to heat the kitchen. For example, you can leave the oven door open after cooking, and the kitchen will stay warm for a while.

  • Cook outside

During the hot/warm seasons, cooking inside the house adds to the hot air inside. If you have an outdoor grill or outdoor kitchen, you can use them to cook and keep the heat out of the house.

  • Window treatments

Installing energy efficient window treatments and coverings such as blinds, films, and shades can reduce heat gain when the temperature inside your home is high. These devices reduce your energy costs and also improve the look of your house.

  • Efficient washing

90 percent of a washing machine’s energy is spent heating the water. If you can wash your clothes at cooler temperatures, you can save yourself some money.

  • Hang your laundry

This is best during the hot seasons, when the temperatures are high. Instead of drying your laundry using the dryer, you can hang them up in the garage or the yard.


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