Tiny homes can bring you down

When Tiny Homes Become a Big Problem

It’s becoming a common trend for homeowners nowadays to downsize to a tiny home. This is certainly a departure from the “bigger is better” concept that defined American homes from 1978 onwards. When you talk about a tiny home, this typically refers to a house of between 80 and 500 square feet. Although, the tiny
home value

Easy Ways to Spot Overpriced Homes

Buying a house is a huge investment. Families may seriously compromise their household finances if they only make this decision based on their emotions. Sure, the house may check all the boxes on their wish list, but they also need to stick to the low-end of their pre-approved budget so they still have something extra
Can Vineyards Influence Home Values?

Can Vineyards Influence Home Values?

If your property contains viable land for a vineyard and you have a passion for winemaking, you may have considered beginning a vineyard venture and encountered concerns about the effect on your home value.  No one wants to make a decision that will negatively affect their financial future, so it’s important to consider carefully the